Too Hot July Getting somethings done

June has just flown by hasn't it? July is here just as hot as usual. What do we expect down here is the south. I have been stitching some Not as much as I wanted but have made some progress.

For WIP Mayania, . Didn't get a lot done but did finish two.

Titania - a Mirabilia pattern

ABC Schoolgirl Club - Jane Plenderleath

Newcastle Bouquet

Queen in my next Life - Finished and Fully Finished

New Quaker Row


Pumpkin Hollow Farm

Charlie Harper - Cool Cardinal

Long & Winding Road

My Dear Heart

Lavender Farm

Ladies Garden Journal - Finished Johnny Jump up

New Starts during June (planned and unplanned):

Planned: Erica Michaels "God Bless America" Finished

Unplanned: Teresa Kogut "Silhowitches Quaker"

New starts for July:

La-D-Da "Peace House"

Teresa Kogut "Tilly Goat"

Summer House Stitche Works - Ladies Garden Journal Marigold

Had a couple of Fully finished items:

From a Silverneedle retreat many, many years back:

And an Old EGA Group class

I was able to go to Stitch Con. It was wonderful. Planning on going next year..

We are getting additional floss such as Rainbow Gallery Splendor and others. We now have a limited supplies of NPIs. As like always new patterns.

Until next time: Happy Stitching!

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