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Happy 2021!! New year of stitching

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Trust everyone is looking forward to 2021 and shredding 2020. I know I am.

As with a new year there are New Year's Resolutions. I am, working on my Stitching Resolutions:

First Resolution: Starting my New Year with a New Start! My goal is to stitch all the beautiful projects in the Blackbird Design "Sewing Club" booklet. I have been looking at it since Market and just need to do it.

Second Resolution: Finish one WIP a Month. I have a lot of WIPS in my stash. In 2020, I working on finishing them also. I was able to finish 19 WIPs last year!!! (will try and get pictures and list of them)

Third Resolution: Finish Hands Across the Sea "Harriet Salt" in 2021. This was my 2020 New Years Start. Didn't get far but I am loving stitching it now. Sometimes you just need a break from a project.

What I was able to finish last year from my WIPS were:

The Old Curiosity Shop from The Witchy Stitchy Rabbit Started 2019.

2018 Mermaid scissor FOB from Shepherds Bush

Bristol Ship Sampler from Claudia Dutcher

Overheard in the Garden from Glendon place started 2017

Grow a Garden from Lila's Studio started 2018

Welcome from Dames of the Needle started 2019

My Heart is Home from Blackbird Designs started 2020

Frosty's Day Out from Blackbird Designs started 2019

Sweet Williams, Holly Hock, Solomon Seed, & Rambling Rose from Summer House Stitch started after 2020 Market

Early Spring Witch from Dames of the Needle (club pattern) started 2020

Summer Witch from Dames of the Needle (club pattern) started 2020

Tis the Season from Blackbird Designs started 2018

Flanders's Field from Heartstring Samplery started 2019

WOW! These were just the finishes. Worked on other projects that are now in my WIP bag. We all need to sometimes just step back and see what we actually did finish and worked on.

A Year behind us:

2020 was a very big busy year for us. Opened a physical shop! There was so much to think about, but we found a sweet commercially converted house. It fits our needs and has future areas to expand. It was a lot of work but we were able to open just 3 months after purchasing the building. I thank my family and friends that came over to help paint, clean, wallpaper, paint, paint…20 gallons of paint!

What is ahead for us; MORE RENOVATION!!! The next phase will be a classroom. But if all goes as well as we hope, this summer we will be able to host classes.

Happy Stitching,

Mary Lisa

(Stitchin Blues on Instagram)


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