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What a Whirlwind of a Month

I can't believe March has already passed! It feels like it just started yesterday; it has flown by in a whirlwind. The beginning of the month me and Mom went to out first market and found so many wonderful things to launch this new adventure of ours. The weekend was long, exhaustive but absolutely AMAZING! We met so many wonderful people and found out about new designers. While at market I saw this absolutely adorable stitch along by Ink Circles called Another Year Creeps By. The first two parts were already out along with the border and it was just talking to me the entire time we were at market. by the end of that weekend I made up my mind that not only was I going to play catch up and stitch the entire border, and the two blocks that were already out. I would also dye by fabric myself because sometimes I'm absolutely crazy and didn't want to spend weeks figuring out what base fabric I wanted to use. During the drive back I remembered that I had some Dr. Ph. Martin's Iridescent Calligraphy Ink and I wondered if it could be used on some evenweave fabric as a dye/stain. Low and behold it could so not only did I dye/stain my fabric it is now shiny.... Total holy grail moment for me I totally love the pattern for Another Year Creeps By (AYCB) but I like sparkle.. so this hit a nice balance between the two I think. Now I totally had a brain fart moment and forgot to snap a picture of it before I started stitchin but I remembered to grab one once I finished the border.


The border took about a week to finish so not too bad considering how big it is.

Box one if from the original release called Head Case it has these adorable skulls with some overdyed thread in the corners. Brown-Eyes Susan came out next; a but confusing at first because I didn't realize that it was similar to a Venus Fly trap until I was working on the last eye. I might have been a little bit tired as I knocked both Head Case and it out on the same day. Boxelders was March's block to fill in my squares and catching me up with the release of the next block that should be out in the next week or so.


At the beginning of next Month there will be an original design by me along with some other projects that I'm working on. See updates on that I'm working on our social media sites.

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