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A Dream come to life

HI, Everyone! This is Mary Lisa. My daughter, Miranda and I started Far Away Designs for those who love to cross stitch. Just a little about me. Have grown children. One married, (Miranda) and one in college. Have 3 furry children.

Socks the Queen. She is about 16 years old and doesn’t like the new kid. She is the best partner to stitch with . All you need is a blanket by your side and she will stitch with you for hours.

Socks, the Queen

Molly the black Lab. Our quite child sometimes. She was my son's dog he got in high school and left with us when he went to college. She is very good with the new kid. She stays at my feet or just in eye sight.

Molly, the Good Child

and Goldie, we also call her Princess Pigpen. She is 9 months old and into everything. She shreds paper, steals thread and wines when I cross stitch. It is all about her, she thinks. As you can see, she loves digging in the mud.

Goldie, Princess Pigpen

Miranda has a lot of ideas brewing and more to come on that. She tasked me with stitching a model of one of our new patterns we got at the Nashville Market.

I fell in love with "Overheard in the Orchard" by Giddon Place. What interested me most was the use of Sulky threads. Sulky Cotton Petites are a single-stranded 12 wt. cotton thread (a spool contains 46 meters/50 yards). The model was stitched using one thread, so I plan on doing the same.

I will say, the look and feel of the Sulky thread is great. Lots of great colors. I started in the middle with the apples. Coverage is great. I do need to watch for my tension. I tend to be tight. But here are my first stitches.

Mr. Frog has visited me. Centering is important and fudging sometimes doesn't work.

Well , I need to start rip, rip, ripping out. I'll keep you update on my progress. If you are interested in ordering the pattern and/or threads you can find them at:

Mary Lisa

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