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A Showering of Stitches

Last month seemed to fly by! Wasn't it just last week it was the beginning of April? This month I decided to actually finish a couple of projects from start to finish, and by finish I mean actually finish into a completed item and not something that will end up in the completed project box but I can't afford framing anytime soon. (I think all stitchers have this box; framing is expensive even with some great coupons from the framing section of your local hobby shops)

Now I remembered back at market we picked up some Erica Michaels Peacock Party Berries so as I've never done anything by her before this month and wanted to try my hand with working with silk gauze. Looking back, I can say I was a little bit ambitious trying to do both of them as well as the other projects I planned on this month.

Linen Peacock party WIP
Linen Peacock WIP 2


I stitched everything according to the directions but of course like most stitchers I wanted to add a personal touch to it. (If I missed a stitch or had to fudge it I'll never admit it.) My planned personal touch was my base fabric that, while I kept it white, I changed it to the opal essence fabric because I like sparkle and I thought it would add to the design without taking away from it.

Unfortunately I lost steam half way through the month and didn't get as much done with the silk berry as I wanted to. Now, never working with silk gauze before, it was different from the linen that I'm used to working with. I wasn't pulling my hair out if something went sideways and I had to backup a couple of stitches, because there was less for my needle to accidentally grab part of the base fabric and pull on and the holes were bigger so I could see them without a magnifying glass without having to be right on top of it. However if you wanted to power through a good bit of a project I would highly recommend using your magnifying lamp for the silk gauze berries.



Now I actually finished the Linen one completely. It did not end up in my box of completed projects! I still finished it off in the berry style that is shown in Erica's original design but I decided to do something a bit fun with the berry top and use feathers for it. I know some people won't care for how I finished it, but I think it's fun. After all, who doesn't show up to a party in a fabulous feathered hat?


As always ,about midway through the month we received our AYCB, Sum of your Fears. It has needles, frog hands, potions, and a spider to creep you out for the next month while waiting for the next pattern in this stitch along to come out.


Now for the reason I was a couple days late posting this month. I tried my hand at designing a small sewing box based off Marvel's Avengers, only as tiny 8-Bit heroes. It turned out so adorable! After I edit my instructions a bit and make them clear for everyone, not just me and my crazy mind, I'll post the instructions for how to make the box for everyone.



I'm looking forward to next month's set of projects that I've got planned out., and I'm also going to try and do more design work. Plus I found some goodies in the clearance bin at my local hobby shop that I got inspired by and want to do something cool with them.

'Til next time, just keep stitchin'.


Enjoy what I'm stitching? Check out our shop located at the top of the page so you can have your own fun Peacock Party or watch Another Year Creep By with the stitch along.


Since you made it all the way to the bottom of the post , a preview of next month's theme.

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