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May Mermaids that Turned into an All Summer Affair.

I'm sorry! Time seems to slip past me these past few months. I've been busy stitchin I just forgot to write about it.

At the end of my last post I showed a snippet of one of my WIPS that is in my current rotation to (hopefully) finish by the end of the year.

Mirabilia Aphrodite Mermaid on Under Da Sea fabric by Far Away Designs

This is Aphrodite by Mirabilia I've started stitching her on some fabric I designed called Under da Sea. Both the fabric and the pattern are located in the etsy shop located at the top of the page. I also started and finished the Mermaid Drum by Plum Street Samplers on this same fabric just so I can show different ideas to use with his fabric because it is a bit intimidating just looking at the piece by itself with nothing on it.

Now I did start sketching some things that I do plan on making some patterns out of. I'm almost done charting one of them and I'll show the computer generated image when its done. I just have a feeling that it won't look like anything like the stitched piece due to the fact that I'm using variegated floss, beads and Kreinik metallic threads I just don't think a generated image will do it justice.

Here's a few rough sketches that I did while planning some of my upcoming mermaid designs.


I finished recharting the 8-bit Heroes I showed off last time. I didn't like how the software I originally did it in exported the file I just didn't like (or couldn't figure out) how to make it export in a way that I was happy with the final pattern without having to do 20-30 more stepps to make it look ok. Unfortunately I somehow misplaced my instructions on finishing the box; but I am however working on an 8-Bit princess box that I'm just going to type and make the instructions as I go instead of writing them down on paper and then putting it in the computer.

I do plan on making a few more heroes so you can customize your box with your favorite characters. I'm not sure the heroes would be great for someone who is just learning to stitch because of all the colors in each hero. However they are cute, small and took me about an hour each to do.


I mentioned earlier that I've been busy stitchin' and I haven't showed all of my current WIPs. Plus it gives me a chance to pull everything out of its hiding place and see how close (or how far) I am to finishing a piece. I'm going to try to also put a start date with the project if I can remember when I stared it.

Finished Projects that are not FFO yet.

*not these are not all of my finishes There were just the ones I could find when making this blog.


Now i'm going to start posting a bit more and try to do it twice a month to hopefully keep my post from being so long, and so I don't have to backtrack as much when posting.

Happy Stitchin'

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