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Summer Time Stitching

Welcome back to my blog! It has been an exciting time here in Memphis. Memphis in May BBQ, music and Stitch Maynia. I have been participating in Stitch Maynia and it has been fun. If you are not familiar with Stitch Maynia, it is a FaceBook group for stitchers. Every year during May, they start a new project every day. I wasn't able to keep up but I have started at least 15 projects, finished a couple and working on more. Check it out if you are on FaceBook. In my next blog, I'll post my projects.

Since the start of May, I have been working on new projects but here is my progress on the Overheard in an Orchard from Glendon Place designed by Cheryl Granda. I am using Sulky threads. The colors are wonderful and coverage is great but I have broken 6 needles on this project. Not sure what the issue is but I purchased new needles and still broke one. Outside of the broken needles, I am satisfied with the project. Only need to finish the right side and then decide how to finish it. It looks great and hopefully I can finish soon.

I am so excited o announce that I will be setting up a stitch along starting in August. Already have 3 people lined up to stitch with me on Hannah Gilpin 1800 Sampler. As you can see below the sampler is very interesting. The lettering is all over, upside down, and sideways. It is very cool. If you are interested in joining the stitch along, let me know. The shop has more copies coming in and will be available soon. More information will be coming as time draws near.

Special announcement I have a YouTube video on my Stitch Maynia. You can find my channel Stitchin Blues


Well that is all for now. Keep on stitching

Mary Lisa

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