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Stitching my needles away

Hey Everyone,

Hope the last few weeks have been good to you all. I have been busy working on "Overheard In An Orchard" by Glendon Place. My last update noted my spacing was off. Once I ripped out the last line, I had to take a vacation from it for a little while.

So, I started and finished Stoneware Bunny. A small project from my stash. It's been in there a while.

Where I am now in the pattern.

Once back on the "Orchard" piece, I completed the wording and moved on to the birds on one side. It is going well. My complaint is that my needles keep breaking. Five needles have broken since I started this project. Not sure if it is my needles are old or the Sulky thread is too large for my needles. Going to purchase more needles and hope the problem will be solved.

Already selected my next project, a beaded fob by Fern Ridge - Daciana. She is so cute. I am going

to hang it off my handbag. (once I get it finished) I promised myself not to start until I finish "Overheard In An Orchard".

If you are keeping up with Goldie (Princess Pigpen), Molly and Socks (The Queen). Princess Pigpen is up to her tricks of stealing treats from the Socks (the Queen).

She can even steal from Molly. The Princess went to the beauty shop and now is doesn't look like a Pigpen but she is just waiting for the rain.

Stitch with you next time. Stop by the online shop and see what might interest you. Until next time, keep stitching.

Mary Lisa

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